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Why There’s a Major Disconnect Between the Marketing and Tech Worlds

I’ve had a ringside seat to one of the most riveting parts of the advertising ecosystem. If I were to extricate myself from my position and develop temporary amnesia, I believe I would find the entire ‘ecosystem’ comedic—though many would...
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Hilton seeks 70 part-timers for virtual call center

In a new move for its Orlando operations, Hilton Worldwide said it will hire 70 part-time employees in Central Florida to work from home. The employee would take calls at their home for Hilton reservations. A spokeswoman for the company...
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Leading Call Centers Reduce Time-to-Hire by 50%

SEATTLE, Sept. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Jobaline, Inc. reported today that leading call centers in the U.S. have increased the volume of quality candidates by 200 percent, reducing their time to hire and their job advertising expenses by 50 percent after...
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