Ringless Voicemail (RVM). Have you heard of it? If not, you should really start giving this means of mobile marketing a harder look. RVM is a fairly new, less intrusive technology that allows businesses to target customers in their database. Dealers are able to leave very specific messages into their target audiences voicemail without ever ringing the phone at all. They do not receive untimely calls while they are at work, or off doing something important. They are able to listen to the message at a time that is most convenient for them, not to mention that it seems much more genuine, as they do not know that the message was automatically placed there.

RVM’s have a 96% Listen Rate! Compare that to direct mail, which on a good campaign may have a 25% open rate. Due to this abnormally high listen rate, response rates are directly affected in a positive way. I have never seen less than an 8% response rate on a single campaign. The average response my company is getting for dealers is between 10%-20%, and we have, on multiple occasions exceeded 30% response. This generates massive phone and floor traffic.

An Example:

Toyota Dealer A: (Thursday, Friday, Saturday Buy Back Campaign)

-2000 Drops to customers who bought from 2-5 years ago

-223 inbound phone calls to dealers BDC

15 Cars Sold

Toyota Dealer B: (Thursday, Friday, Saturday Buy Back Campaign)

-2000 Drops to customers who bought from 2-5 years ago

-238 inbound phone calls to dealers BDC

-21 Cars Sold

Results vary at times. Some dealers dont have the proper BDC or arent confident enough in their staff to take calls and schedule appointments. I’ve noticed that when I come in with a more consultative approach, my customers convert much higher. I will perform a BDC “audit”, if you will, and help the dealer decide whether we can train the staff to effectively handle the calls or whether my own in house bdc should handle all calls and appointment setting.

Like I mentioned before, this is something that all Owners, GM’s, and GSM’s need to take a hard look at. For the money, there is nothing out there quite like it.

*****Full Disclaimer: I own a company that has been utilizing this technology, in multiple verticals, since its inception. I have ran hundreds of campaigns for dealers nationwide and have become a preferred vendor for some of the largest full service ad agencies. Be careful of which vendors you use, as RVM is just one spoke in a wheel that requires many other spokes. There are tons of people out there who have tried to reverse engineer the technology. None have succeeded. My company has a direct relationship with the inventor of the technology and can guarantee compliance.******

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