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Our story, and how Data Monster does it!

Customers always ask us how we came up with this amazing idea. Below we explain how the Data Monster Lead Machine all came together!
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The Data Monster Story...

Our story begins early 2007 in sunny Clearwater, Florida. Our founder was a Lead broker / Telemarketing Consultant / Call Center Owner and specialized in Vacation and Travel related data. As a lead broker and call centers owner he knew the value of quality targeted leads. He also realized it was extremely hard to find a reliable lead or data source that could be depended on for consistency, quality and with a fair price.  With this dilemma in hand he attacked the issue head on and opened Data Monster.

Data Monster enlisted the help of several call centers and multiple streams of data to target. Data Monster was unique at the time because it specialized in clearing data on the “Do Not Call”  ( DNC ) by surveying them and allowing them to be contacted by a third party on behalf of them per their request. All the phone calls and leads came with recordings and / or IP Addresses authenticating the lead. Data Monster beat all of its competitors prices and offered a much better product. These premium leads were cheaper, targeted, surveyed, recorded and DNC cleared, one of the best leads on the market at the time.

This process quickly grew Data Monster to one of the largest most recognized lead brokers in the Travel Industry! The laws did however change some years later on how leads could be produced and authenticated forcing Data Monster to switch gears. Keeping customers legal was a top priority of Data Monster’s. While other companies allowed and still allow their customers to dial consumers on the Federal and State DNC, Data Monster absolutely wouldn’t stand for it!

The Data Monster process was-stream lined and modified to continue making DNC cleared and legal data for our customers, adhering to any and all changes in the Telemarketing Act and FTC Regulations. After successfully creating a lead machine that had no limits, Data Monster founder Mr.Will Shivers enlisted the professional help of now “Vice President; Mike Kelly” and decided to make the process (not just the end result leads sold at a premium) available to every industry and not just the travel industry.

With our proven process “Data Monster Leads” were legendary! Expanding on that Data Monster catered to any industry that involves a telephone room with amazing success! Now anyone can use our process to create their own Data Monster Leads in house! With unlimited access to Targeted Data, DNC Protection, Free Customer Incentives, and never any contracts…your business has unlimited lead production potential.

Welcome to Data Monster, Inc. We care about your success! Our quality, prices, and reliability can’t be beat and to to prove it we ALWAYS offer a FREE SAMPLE, allowing customers to not only TEST our Data / Targeted Leads, but also our All Inclusive Dialer System! Need we say more?!

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