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Our incentives are customized to your business name. Send out incentives to customers or potential customers while dialing!


1 Year Incentives Membership

$ 99 / Annual
  • Unlimited Use for 1 Year
  • No Timeshare Tours Required
  • 3/2 Hotel Getaway for 2 Adults
  • 4/3 All Inclusive Resort Stay 2 Adults
  • 8/7 Resort Getaway for 2 Adults
  • $1000 Dining Coupons
  • $1000 Grocery Savings

Example Incentives Pitch

Many things must come together to eventually close a sale. However, it all starts with the ability to complete a simple two minute presentation, filled with benefits, which will lead to an in-home appointment or over the phone sale.

Most pitches begin with information about the company with no mention of what the benefits are for the prospect. Therefore, 70% of all prospects say, “I am not interested,” in the first 15 seconds!  They hang up without hearing one benefit for themselves.  The reality is, nearly all homeowners have been contacted by other vendors but they never listened long enough to even hear one benefit.  Therefore, the following presentation will allow your office to rework leads, where they offered no incentive to the prospect to listen for just 2 minutes and they hung up before hearing the important benefits.

A proper presentation should not be self centered on the company. A prospect must hear, “what’s in it for me.”

This pitch begins with two key things for the prospect:

A Free Vacation Certificate (from Cash Saver a  company with a AAA rating with the BBB for 20 years which books directly with hotels and no timeshare.)

The following presentation will relax the prospects by assuring them it will take just two short minutes of their time to get these things.  It also gives them the power to say, “No.” right up front!

Then, more prospects will give you permission to speak, because they feel you have given them more control.  Actually, they have ultimate control anyway, so you gain trust and credibility by acknowledging that fact right away.

Most pitches give the prospect little or no control so the prospect is forced to opt out in less than fifteen seconds with the dreaded statement: “I’m not interested.”   Then, all you can say is, “But…”   By then, it’s too late.

You could have been giving away free gold bars but they hung up without hearing your offer.

The benefits of your product might be great. However, If you can’t get them to listen long enough to explain those benefits you won’t get the appointment.  It’s as simple as that.

The following presentation will overcome those challenges and set more appointments per hour in a respectful and professional manner.

The telemarketer/canvasser will be happier, the prospect will trust you more, and the company will prosper.  This is truly a Win – Win – Win opportunity for everyone.

Appointment Setting Pitch ( Solar As Example)

Hello, is this Mr./Mrs.____________? This is _________  from __________.

I understand your time is very important. Therefore, if you would allow me just 2 minutes to share with you, something of interest to all homeowners in  (____City/ Area____) , our company will reward you – with a free vacation voucher – for 3 days and 2 nights accommodations at a major hotel Casino on the strip in Las Vegas or 50 other resort destinations.

At the end of the 2 minutes,  you can either say you’re not interested, or that you would like to receive more information. Either way, the vacation voucher, valued at up to $200, is yours as a free gift for allowing me two minutes of your time.  I think you’ll find that this information will be very valuable if you ever do consider solar for your home in the future. Thank you and this starts my 2 minutes.