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What every court and judge in the country has to say about Ringless Voicemail.

It seems Ringless Voicemail can’t make it to court. No matter how hard it tries. Millions of calls. Can’t even get a citation. No vexatious litigator will touch it. No consumer will file papers, no class action. No judge has...
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  • Attorney William I Rothbard

Ringless Voicemail: Clever and Cool, but Is It Legal?

Courtesy of http://www.ftcadlaw.com/ A few months ago, a client asked if “ringless voicemail” is legal. Before I could answer, I first had to know what he was talking about. “It’s the hottest new thing in telemarketing,” he said, “a sure...
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The pro-consumer data free-for-all

The pro-consumer data free-for-all There’s been a lot of talk recently about the practice of wireless companies not imposing data charges when their customers access certain content. It’s an innovative way for companies to price their services and broadly helps...
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Here are 8 things you’ll will want to know about “Ringless” Voice Broadcasting:

Your business voicemail message using the discrete “ringless” delivery method appears legal because the FTC and FCC have placed voicemail under the category of “Enhanced Information Services” and they have therefore chosen specifically not to regulate voicemail. See: “Ringless Voicemail Broadcasting for...
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After Monster: Is big data consolidation the wave of the future?

Big data has become the focus of many industries, including recruitment. In a bold quest to harness more data, Randstad Holdings made the move to acquire Monster Worldwide for a whopping $429 million. This deal comes on the heels of Recruit Holdings...
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Ringless Voicemails to Revolutionize the World of Direct Client Contact Better and Faster!

LOS ANGELES, CA- – The Digital Age has changed daily life in countless ways, and now Gary wants to revolutionize the way businesses connect with their customers and potential clients. RinglessVoicemail, a new service solution from his Digital Consultants, provides...
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Ringless Voicemails, “There’s No Real Way That You Or I Could Block This”

Ringless Voicemails, “There’s No Real Way That You Or I Could Block This” Some businesses are using a newer technology to leave you a voicemail without actually calling you, and some aren’t happy about it. It’s called ringless voicemail, and...
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